The 'accelerated ecommerce program' is essentially a supercharged package developed to facilitate short term survival strategy.

The program enables businesses to target and reach a new market through strategic digital marketing and a streamlined ecommerce site.

The key components of the 'accelerated ecommerce program' are:

  • Website
  • Google Analytics Configuration
  • Google Ads Setup
  • Homepage SEO meta and content
  • Facebook Ad Account Setup
  • 1st month digital marketing management
  • 1 hour phone call training for their team

We can deliver the ‘accelerated ecommerce program’ from £2,750 plus a £500 initial digital advertising spend to get companies out of the starting blocks with a bang.

Streamlined ecommerce solutions like this will enable those who are agile enough and have vision to do business differently to navigate the crisis in an innovative way.

We are conscious that for many this step will be taking a leap into the unknown in a season where the whole landscape feels unfamiliar at a time where taking any form of risk is anxiety inducing. This is why the ecommerce accelerator program is being provided in partnership with SEO and digital marketing experts Footprint Digital. This will ensure that accelerated ecommerce sites are launched with every opportunity for success, throwing the weight of strategic digital marketing behind them.

Where an organisation already has an ecommerce website but would benefit from the digital marketing injection then we can facilitate just that, likewise if they have digital marketing expertise but just need the ecommerce store. We’re completely flexible, but felt that providing a comprehensive get online and be seen package was something we could contribute to the war effort right now. Talk to us today on 01787 319393 to explore this further and get your online store up and running without delay.