The reality is that the integration aspects of a project are often overlooked, causing many projects to de-rail when they are tantalisingly close to the finish-line, or forcing organisations to compromise on their requirements. It is the tricky, unglamorous, unseen, hard-graft specialism of the development world, that we succeed in, day-in and day-out. We are always seen as a “safe pair of hands".

Business systems analysis and integration work together hand in hand. Our business analysts are experts in breaking down your business processes, working through the application logic, and ensuring that any transformation project is built upon informed analysis and robust integration.

We have undertaken hundreds of integrations across a wide spectrum of CRM providers (Microsoft Dynamics, Advanced NFP, ASI, Workbooks, Protech, ThankQ, 3Si and Miller Technology to name a few). We also offer specialised expertise in the online integration of APIs for payment gateways, social networking channels, Direct Debit services, accounting systems and other online applications.

Whatever your integration challenges; legacy systems, multiple systems or simply unchartered territory, talk to us and we can make a very complex job look easy as we have for many of our clients.