NetXtra have a deep understanding of the benefits of integrating your website content management system (CMS) with a robust customer relationship management (CRM) tool. We’re widely regarded as the ‘safe pair of hands’ for integration projects having integrated a wide range of CRM partner products with our CMS across hundreds of projects in over 20 years of business.

CRM gives you the power to store, maintain and utilise customer data, Our strategy and scoping work will help us determine and recommend the very best fit CRM technology to meet your business objectives. Then integrating it with our CMS allows you to use that information to provide engaging, personalised user experiences. This increases the relevance of content, the audiences sense of being known and valued, provides meaningful interactions, increases their engagement, advocacy, loyalty and spend (where relevant).

If you need help with deciding which CRM would suit your organisation and how it could integrate with the other systems your organisations uses, why not get in touch.

The preference for a single supplier solution where CRM and CMS are supplied by the same vendor is also an increasingly popular choice and one we have added to our solutions. If you’d like to discuss your technology requirements, we’d love to hear from you.