Connect. Engage. Mobilise.

NetXtra have created the ‘Connect’ mobile app to enable organisations to connect their existing data sources (largely CMS* and CRM*) to engage their audience with tailored content and mobilise those users to take action.

The core product has been developed to optimise the investment in organisations existing technology platforms and provide efficiencies by populating its content based on that in the website CMS, customised to the logged-in users data contained in the CRM. It therefore requires no additional administrative effort on the part of the organisation and provides added value in a number of key ways:

  • It brings the organisation closer to your audience, putting your brand in their pocket and consciousness.
  • It creates a sense of immediacy around communication and connection.
  • It enables organisations to harness the power of 'push notifications' to call to action and mobilise your connections.
  • It empowers users to control what they see and how they see it.

The NetXtra Connect app is the mobile app for connected user experiences.

In our quest to create a beautifully designed, well considered, highly functional product with exceptional performance within reach of any budget we have used open source technology to develop an app that encompasses core functionality common to clients in the Not for Profit sector.

The product comes in a number of variants. The core product ‘connect' provides functionality such as; e-ID cards, access to tailored content on and offline, subscriptions, notifications, the setting up of Direct Debit payments, the ability to add events to a device calendar and to participate in campaign actions.

‘connect+’ is, as the name suggests an enhanced version featuring things such as multilingual localisation, social sharing customisation, audience targeting, event booking synchronised with Google maps, campaign petitions, polls and signatures, reminders and image push notifications.

The connect mobile app platform also provides the foundations for custom development of features and functionality specific to a particular organisations requirements, known as 'connect custom' - the possibilities are endless!

Understanding both common and unique requirements in different sector applications, NetXtra have developed specific applications for charities (including donate functionality), membership organisations and unions (encompassing greater mobilisation). Other applications currently in development include those for online branches and volunteer coordination. Take a look at how a ‘connect’ app could benefit your organisation:

*on the assumption appropriate API connections are available.