With the MemberWise annual ‘Digital Excellence’ research summary report 2019 still citing increasing member engagement as the top goal for membership organisations, the challenge is real and all tools at our disposal need to be considered. The Ofcom stats around mobile usage make it a compelling choice of channel, but how might it be optimised?

We’ve often been in meetings where the phrase ‘we need an app’ has been uttered, and whilst in some cases a responsive website is the appropriate solution, a mobile app can provide a unique range of functionality worthy of exploring and harnessing.

Unique app benefits

The real power of apps lies in harnessing the capabilities of smartphone devices such as the camera, fingerprint recognition and push notifications.

Users smartphone cameras can be utilised by the app to augment their profile, capture images of their work to add to their member directory listing, document CPD activity etc.

Fingerprint recognition can be used to authenticate their identity for login purposes and for adding their support to petitions which is of particular benefit to unions.

Push notifications (where enabled by the user) can enable an immediacy of connection rarely achieved by other means. Using these in tandem with personalising users content means that you can alert them to things of particular interest or relevance to keep them engaged. Unions in particular can benefit from the immediacy of push notifications with calls to action to mobilise members to: ‘sign this petition’, ‘join this action’ etc. Ensuring that you use this functionality strategically and sparingly is vital in ensuring you maintain the right.

Another common benefit is use of digital membership cards. These have many benefits including the ability to:

  • withdraw or suspend membership (and therefore use of a card) for whatever reason
  • update on-card information with increased responsibilities, qualifications or name changes
  • make cost savings through the elimination of physical cards needing to be produced

Our member engagement app offering has been developed with some additional benefits:

  • It minimises additional administration through integrating with any CMS* to use your website content for the app, avoiding having to run an additional system and duplicate efforts.
  • It also integrates with your CRM* to pull information on your logged-in member in order to personalise their experience with relevant content, optimising their engagement and pushing information back whether that be updating their details, booking an event or how they’ve been using the app etc. 

*on the assumption appropriate API connections are available.