2019 has been a great year of collaboration with clients and partners, with a plethora of projects to be particularly proud of. 

Coeliac UK have had a year of significant change and strategic development, from their new CEO Hilary Croft joining in June to the release of their revised ‘Join and Renew’ process this month. The revised 'Join and Renew' incorporates the launch of their brand new 'digital membership' offering which provides a really accessible means of people connecting with their organisation which will undoubtedly extend their reach. 

Congratulations also go to Arcadia who have launched their first client-specific Magento store for the distribution of branded merchandise, with two further stores going live in the coming days and weeks and more planned in 2020.  

Well done to all those involved!

It's been a fantastic end to 2019 and with a busy schedule planned for our first quarter of 2020, we're looking forward to many more success stories and celebrations!

If you'd like to talk to us about a project you're considering or would benefit from some consultancy please get in touch!