There was fantastic buzz in the room as representatives from a wide spectrum of NFP organisations gathered and connected with each other, eager to absorb everything they could from the event.

The program started with a delicious breakfast spread of bacon rolls (for which the Breakfast Club has become synonymous!), salmon and avocado bagels, breakfast 'shots' (of the yoghurt and muesli variety!) and a selection of fruit and pastries.

With copious cups of morning coffee consumed, guests took their seats for the first seminar delivered by Abby Wright-Parkes and Emma Barrett of FSRH.

'Survival Skills for Digital Managers' was a fantastic insight into the journey of the organisation through digital transformation. Emma and Abby were incredibly candid with sharing the shortcomings that they discovered en route, dealing with an onslought of negative feedback from members, and how they have turned it all around and partnered with NetXtra to make relevant adjustments to result in a site that meets members needs and expectations.

They offered invaluable advice in regards to;

  • Driving business change
  • Avoiding making assumptions (leading to mistakes!)
  • Getting all relevant stakeholders and users involved in determining the direction of reform
  • Using tools and sources of intel at your disposal such as Google analytics to make decisions based on data
  • Protecting your intellectual property and using it to create opportunities for connection

In reflecting on what they've achieved, it's clear they've come a long way in the last couple of years. All of the hard work and massive organisational change undertaken continues to pay dividends. Although much of this is hard to quantify, some of it has data and KPI's to measure their success such as;

  • 161% increase in visitors
  • 431% increase in individual page views of clinical guidance documents

Seeing that launching a new website was merely the starting point, they created a new role for Emma as 'Digital Content Manager'. This faciliatated the necessary ongoing investment to maintain and increase the relevance and value of the resource to members. It became clear that many in the room would love to be in a similar position, with 'Everyone wishes they had an Emma' becoming a catch-phrase of the day!

The FSRH seminar concluded with an opportunity for people to ask Abby and Emma questions, to which they gave really helpful and insightful responses.It was clear that Abby and Emma's transparency opened the floodgates, with people being really comfortable in sharing their own challenges throughout the round table discussion aspect of the morning. 

The Round Table discussions around challenges included; 

  • 'The prehistoric labyrinth of content' (another favourite phrase of the day, thanks Naz!)
  • Education around self-service
  • Cultural change management and buy-in
  • Content restructure, making it easy to find
  • Member engagement
  • Demonstrating value of membership
  • Content strategy and cookie usage for personalisation
  • User Experience & Engagement
  • CPD diary