In October 2018, we hosted an event on 'The Culture Challenge' and it proved so popular we will be hosting it again. We welcome back James Murphy (Director, Chalcroft Digital, ex RICS) as our guest speaker kicking off the day with his presentation on 'Taking on the Culture Challenge'.

During his time as Director of Communications at the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, James oversaw an internal shift in digital governance and facilitated wider organisational culture change so he brings many years of experience to this seminar.

Ou second speaker will be Simon Etchells. Simon will talk about 'Embracing Cultural Change'  and will look at external cultural changes and how they can be embraced by organisations, for success. 

Simon Etchells is Chief Strategy Officer at NetXtra, having previously held a number of Senior Sales and Marketing positions across entertainment, technology, retail and healthcare sectors. Simon is passionate about understanding audience needs and delivering products, services and global strategies to match those demands. Simon has worked with global brands such as Nokia and Microsoft. 

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