Digital Drop-In event No 2

Title: How to make the most of Google Analytics

Structure: This 45-minute online event (30-minute workshop and 15-minute Q&A) was recorded. Please email if you wish to watch on demand.

Event description: In this session, we covered the importance of Google Analytics and how to set up tracking to drive success for your business. We showed you how to find out what has been working well on your website and what should be improved.

Understanding the metrics of your website is key to understanding how people are interacting with your website. Without a method of accurate reporting, you will have no way of understanding what is going on, thus potentially making you lose money, or at the very least invest time and money in the wrong areas.

Armed with accurate data, you can start to understand which traffic source is driving sales, leads, or exposure to your brand. This event is designed to help you make better decisions, thus making you more money online.