Digital Drop-In event No 3

Title: Conversion Rate Optimisation: Turn visitors into customers/members

Date & time: Wednesday, 23rd June 2021, 12.00pm - 12.45pm

Structure: This is a 45-minute online event (30-minute workshop and 15-minute Q&A)

Event description: In this webinar, we will cover what conversion optimisation (CRO) is and how it can generate better results for your organisaton. We will explore what makes a good test, how to set it live, and what to do with the results. It is intended to help increase conversions regardless of the volume of traffic coming in. Finally, we will have a fun quiz with examples of CRO and the importance of measuring and testing.

Understanding the metrics of your website is key to understanding how people are interacting with your website. Without a method of accurate reporting, you will have no way of understanding what is going on, thus potentially making you lose conversions, income or at the very least invest time and money in the wrong areas.

Armed with accurate data you can start to understand which traffic source is driving membership uptake, leads, or exposure to your brand. This event is designed to help you make better decisions, thus making your website more succesful.

In this webinar, we will cover the following topics:

✔️ What makes a website great?

✔️ What is CRO?

✔️ How to use data to inform your decisions about design

✔️ What are Calls to Action, 'Sales' Prompts and Messages & Anxieties and why they are important?

✔️ The proven method to improve conversion rates (Footprint CRO process + quiz)