The MemberWise Network launched their latest Influence 100 List with accompanying Influence 100 Financial Benchmarking Report last week. The ‘Influence 100 List’ details the 100 membership bodies considered to be the largest and most influential in the UK. As a valued and longstanding NetXtra client, we are really proud of what Coeliac UK have been able to achieve, particularly in the face of such a challenging year. It’s proof that their exceptional team and strong leadership have been able to navigate the toughest of times for their members, supported by their dedicated army of volunteers and fundraisers. We look forward to realising many more success stories through our collaborative efforts.

The MemberWise ‘Influence 100 Financial Benchmarking Report’ is well worth engaging with as it really encapsulates the impact of the pandemic upon the sector and provides insight and hope for the future. It’s available in soft and hard copy formats along with a highlights video that encapsulates the insights gained.