Platform vulnerabilities

Now that Magento's support of the platform has ended, the fact is that your Magento 1 site will become increasingly vulnerable to security threats, meaning that the security of your customers and therefore your business is at greater risk. This is because the codebase of open source platforms is public domain and therefore more unscrupulous members of society can seek to cause disruption through means of hacking and exploits. Until the end of June Magento provided updates and regular security patches to fix bugs and known weaknesses. The future for the platform is likely short now, as the dark side of the digital force seek to exploit the growing vulnerabilities.

Extension exposure

If your Magento 1 store uses extensions/plugins as most do, this is also another potential area of security weakness as extension developer updates are no longer available. The sad fact is that the more extensions you're using, the more exposed you are.

Data disaster

One of the most concerning risks of running an unsupported platform is the risk of hackers gaining access to your customer data (including payment details). Where a hacker can gain access to your now unsecured checkout, they can violate transactions. The most important thing here is that you as the data controller/processer are legally responsible for the security of your customer data under GDPR and any breach will have serious consequences.  The PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard Requirement) also places an obligation on you as the merchant to “review hardware and software technologies at least annually to confirm whether they continue to meet the organisation’s PCI DSS requirements. (For example, “a review of technologies that are no longer supported by the vendor and/or no longer meet the security needs of the organisation.”). Therefore if you continue to operate on an unsupported version of Magento, you run the risk of violating the PCI DSS which can incur significant fines (from $50 per compromised card holder) and penalties (upwards of $5,000). Aside from this financial impact and the risk of litigation, there's the negative impact on your reputation and loss of customer trust.

Restrictive limitations

There are no more features or extensions being provided for Magento 1 stores, so your platform will no longer be able to grow with your business and you'll no longer be able to keep up with the demands and expectations of the market. Also, you'll find that very few developers want to go near a Magento 1 development now and if they do, there are significant limitations on what they can do. [Warning - if a developer does not warn you about the security risks of your Magento 1 store, there is cause for concern that they are likely taking your money without accountability for potential outcomes.] This is aside from the site not being able to operate on new versions of PHP as they are adopted by hosting providers and not to mention the impact on SEO ranking without regular updates and as the security risk is assessed.

Do something!

The longer you wait, the greater the risk to your customers and your business. Redevelopment on an alternative platform takes time and money. We realise that with the disruption of the pandemic plans for sorting out the website may have been put on the backburner which is why we've developed an interim solution for customers to use whilst transitioning to Magento 2 takes place. Please don't stick your head in the sand, do something to mitigate the risk.