All membership organisations understand the closely related challenges of member retention and acquisition. To achieve either, an organisation needs to demonstrate value in every interaction while simultaneously making each transaction as intuitive, simple and frictionless as possible.

When business was conducted using desktop computers, this was a relatively straightforward challenge. A well-designed website and properly trained telephone staff went most of the way to conveying professionalism and helping existing members efficiently get the support they needed. Today however, the mobile device or smartphone has fragmented this model and created a myriad of additional brand touchpoints; all of which need to be congruently optimised.

The importance of this is compounded by the relentless battle for attention that is being waged online. As a result, it is estimated to take up to 20 positive interactions between a brand and a customer before a sale is made. Mobile phones provide access to more of these touchpoints than any other single device.

Today in the UK, 84% of adults own a smartphone and on average, they spend four hours per day checking it. It has become perhaps the most powerful tool available to transacting organisations and alone, handles more than 50% of all e-commerce. While this makes digital an essential part of any membership organisation’s marketing communication plan, less than one-third of those surveyed in the 2021 Digital Excellence Report have formulated a digital strategy.

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