As manifestos are yet to be published (should be available mid-May), we can only speculate as to what the impact of the general election outcome might be.

(Please read Part 2 published 30th May with manifestos in)

What we can do is educate ourselves to make a decision as to which way to vote, and commit to vote. Voting is what places parties in power, and we’re all empowered to do that! In fact, some would say we have a social and moral obligation to do so.

By way of looking at the facts as they currently stand we’ve put together a summary below based on what we ‘know’ (from recent announcements) and what’s ‘possible’ based on past party form.

To cut to the chase, it would seem from what’s ‘known’ and ‘possible’ that the major players with any current stance of consequence on NFP’s and businesses are the Conservatives, Labour and Liberal Democrats. This is unless you are based in Scotland, in which case the SNP may have some bearing.

The Conservative Party, although focused on an attractive business environment post-Brexit, quite how they will achieve this, and the actual impact of Brexit remains unclear, although widely speculated about. The benefits or drawbacks to the NFP and business sectors will hinge on the impact of Brexit.

The Labour Party are very much on the side of ‘the people’ ending the pay cap for nurses, midwives and other NHS staff, and repealing the Trade Union Act, which should have positive outcomes for those associated. An increase in minimum wage and allowances should also help pad the public pocket and therefore may have benefits for both businesses and NFP’s.

The Liberal Democrats are working on behalf of UK businesses, which one would assume, would have the knock-on benefit of a more robust economy and therefore a potentially increased pocket from which the NFP sector can be supported. Making a commitment to provide funding specifically for mental health services, should surely mean, with that precedent set, other services may well benefit.

Although telling people which way to vote would be entirely wrong, encouraging people to vote is entirely right. Let’s commit to making the difference to our future and the future of our nation and her people together.