As anybody knows the science of search is in perpetual motion. Google is king and they largely dictate the future. Keeping on top of current methods and trends is a really important area to invest in. We look at some of the new search method growth areas shaping the future of search.

SEO vs Voice
A recent Capgemini survey indicated that;

  • 81% of respondents had used a smartphone to activate a voice assistant service like Siri or Google Assistant
  • 25% have used voice assistants on a smart speaker such as the Amazon Echo.

With the mass adoption of conversational AI (voice activated search in particular), have the SEO goalposts been moved yet again and this time to a whole different planet? As voice activated search yields a single result there is no prize for second place. The interjecting advertising model of days gone by is losing its real-estate. The best defense seems to be to launch an offense on the purchase of spoken keywords and having product information optimised for voice search.

Picture Perfect Product Purchase
Harnessing the power of our mobile’s image analysis capability means that a simple screenshot can prompt image-based searches. These enable users to find the exact same product or receive a suggestion of a range of look-a-like options to choose from. This facility is fantastic for fashionistas with shoe or bag envy (such as Kim Kardashian who is backing the ‘ScreenShop app), but how do retailers get in on the action?

Let’s start at the beginning;

  • Are your product images currently optimised for standard search?
  • Are you using informative file names and alt text?
  • Are your images of an appropriate size?
  • Are you harnessing the potential for UGC and organic growth by integrating social media sharing buttons on your product images? (Site visitors sharing your product images on their social networks increases the saturation of that images presence online.)

On the subject of Social, where appropriate, Pinterest is a really important channel to publish your product images to. Some stats reveal that Pinterest image searches rival Googles.

In terms of a good starting point – quality photography and more of it is the short answer. Considering use of  360° product images (where warranted) may be key to providing the angle you need!