Voice and telephone are one of the most important aspects within an organisation and is one of our most highly developed methods of connecting with others. Telephones have allowed us to take this form of communication and use it both in and out of a work environment.

For membership organisations, a mobile voice strategy should include setting reminders within CRM systems to employees to connect with members via telephone around various areas such as upselling additional services, gaining general feedback or developing a campaign to convert lapsed or prospective members into paying ones.

The instant feedback that a conversation provides, allows a truly personal connection and simply checking that a member is getting the best from their membership can be profoundly effective in building loyalty. Using data insight to understand when to connect members and on which elements to specifically focus on is also important.  

Statistics show that 51% of company owners would rather get a phone call than receive an email, as it provides many opportunities and is faster than other methods may be. 82% of buyers have accepted meetings after having a series of calls. To optimise this method, mobile and communication strategy needs to be formed and planned out within an organisation. This can help to build on and improve member relationships.

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