Recently, Dave Evans, the Group Manager for the ICO posted on his blog a general update on how successful the implementation of the new EU cookie legislation had been so far. He also highlighted the continued need for the further education around it.

Whilst, in the short-term, educating businesses and other organisations was identified as the ICO's prime focus, there was a shot across the bow for those who have still yet to implement it.

Mr Evans is quoted on his blog as saying "...some sites have failed to engage with us at all, and they’re now being set a deadline to take steps towards compliance, with formal enforcement action likely if they fail to meet this deadline. Failure to act on an enforcement notice is a criminal offence."

Clearly, widespread enforcement is not currently on the cards and the ICO are still very much trying to educate and assist the highest profile websites. However, the tone of the article does suggest that things are changing - to read more, visit the ICO blog.

At NetXtra we actively work with our clients to ensure that proper consideration has been given to the way their website stores and uses cookies, should they ever be challenged at a later date. Whilst full compliance can never be assured by anyone during this time of early implementation, we will help clients consider how their visitors will interact with their site, and what data will be stored as a result. We then provide them with the information and controls to formalise and manage their cookie policy.

We believe, like many others in the industry, that informed implied consent should meet the spirit of the legislation that the ICO are currently trying to implement and enforce. For more information on this approach and how it could be applied to your website, call us on 01787 319393. Alternatively, contact us via this website.