We’ve also looked at how many are adopting ‘new’ technologies to overcome perceived challenges, help people visualise their products in-situ and ultimately aid ‘selling big online’. It’s time to innovate and find ways to break through the glass ceiling!

Selling Big vs the Glass Ceiling!

A recent consumer study (PushON ‘Webrooming vs Showrooming’) established that 62% of consumers would rather buy items in-store rather than online with 39% citing a spending threshold of £1,000 determining their decision. Although 47% research the purchase online, they complete their purchasing journey in-store with the ability to experience the product, and the availability of additional personal assistance and advice. The trust factor seems to be the determining one here, with 82% believing in-store purchases offer greater security, having seen the item prior to purchase.

An issue of trust

How can online retailers of higher value items burst through this ceiling? Growing brand trust to the same level as in-store brands is one suggestion. By providing proven superior support across all purchasing platforms you should be able to increase your potential buyers confidence and trust. With many turning to reviews before making purchases, incentivising your current customers to contribute this valuable content to your website is a key factor, as is use of external review platforms such as Revoo and Feefo.

Use of Augmented Reality to ascertain suitability

Adoption of technologies such as AR to sell oversized products online should be a serious consideration to relevant businesses. Many brands are already rolling out AR features to enable potential customers to use their mobile devices to visualise how their products will look in situ. The benefits of this technological application include increased confidence in buying large scale items such as furniture, and reducing the huge overhead nemesis of returns which annually cost ecommerce businesses close to £190 million pounds.

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