We all hear about the importance of good data, of the single customer view, and optimising data processing, but capturing good quality, accurate customer data doesn’t just benefit sales and marketing teams.

Validation tools can optimise checkouts, increase basket conversion, reduce shipping errors and returns, deliver efficiencies in customer service call handling and much, much more.

What data validation services should you consider?

There are a variety of data validation services and we have highlighted the most useful below:

  • Address Lookup and Verification
    Human error is commonplace, and the costs of ‘cleaning up’ your data afterwards can be substantial. For example, when a customer places an order, you need to ensure that the order is going to reach them at a real, actionable address.

    Abandoned baskets is a major cause of lost sales, and the reasons for these lost sales can often be simply explained by the length of time in making a purchase. Address lookup can reduce keystrokes in entering addresses by up to 80% meaning your clients proceed through the checkout faster.  Tried and tested by major brands in diverse industries, customers report increases in basket conversion of up to 40%.

  • Phone Number Validation
    Phone Number Validation at the point of entry is not simply about checking number formatting and correct number of digits. A good service works in real-time at point of entry to check the country and area code formatting is correct, the type of number – landline and mobile (cell phone) – whether or not it is a valid and active phone number and can even return details to you of the network carrier.

  • Email Validation
    Email is the life blood of customer retention, but you often will not know an email is invalid until you try to contact that person. Simply checking for an @ symbol in your email field does not count as fully verifying email addresses. Neither does checking for a full stop or a standardised suffix – .com, etc. These merely ensure you have a correctly formatted email address for a customer. Your system should check that an email address exists and is linked to a genuine and actively used mailbox in real-time at the point of entry with a simple background tool that gives your users the opportunity to correct any errors before completion and ensuring the email address you receive is, in fact, real.

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