The solutions to connecting with your target audience are vast and varied. Identifying your target audience is step one. Do you have a clear picture of your target demographic, have you mapped out personas and do you know where they spend time on and offline? Are there relationships that they already have with other organisations and businesses that you could potentially form alliances with to build connections of your own? Are there events you could attend where they are likely to be or publications, they are likely to read (both print and online) where you could place thought leadership pieces or advertorials?


What about some targeted social media advertising reach them and prompt them to visit an online destination or engage with you in another way? Many of the social media platforms have quite sophisticated data filtering tools which empower advertisers to target their chosen market with less wastage and better results. Pay Per Click (PPC) and AdWords are also worthy channels of promotion which have the ability to build a perception around your authority and reliability for commonly searched terms. Identifying the key words that your audience might be searching for and having a considered strategy around where to invest your budget to get most click for your cash is vital. A recent study reveals that more than 70-80% of people will research a company online before deciding to invest in their product or services (mostly through the organisation’s website) which is an increase of 20% in the last year (GE Capital Retail Bank study). Make Google your friend and optimise your organisations search credentials.

In connecting with your audience it’s important to have the next steps mapped out. What do this audience need from you? How can you provide it quickly and easily? How can you cement the connection for the long-term? It’s important to identify the most appropriate means of connecting with your audience. Sometimes your audience need somewhere to go to connect with you, be that a physical event or online communication tool such as social channel, website or mobile app. Sometimes you need to reinforce that the location they’ve gone to is ‘on point’ with their search criteria, so specific landing pages are beneficial. Investing in the most appropriate channels whilst providing options needs to be a strategic decision, sometimes you will be able to access data to inform that decision, sometimes there’s a limited amount of trial and error involved. Setting expectations of desired/likely outcomes and targets that you review frequently and can be agile in making changes to your strategy is important in honing your activity into what’s working and yielding the best results/ROI.

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