A real hot-topic for us here at NetXtra, is how we give our clients more visibility and more valuable information about the way their websites are being used by their members and website visitors.

One of the most important points I can make at this early stage is that Google Analytics tracking should form the basis of your measurement and digital marketing model. If you don't have a well established measurement model in place currently, this guide by Avanish Kaushik will give you everything you need to know about why we're going to track what we track. It's worth bearing in mind that although he talks about business goals, this same process is completely applicable to memberships and not for profits.

Obviously, every organisation will have very different goals and in-turn, very different ideas of what constitutes success in the digital realm. The question we like to ask, which apply to any organisation of any size is “When are you winning?” or to put it another way, “What actions can a visitor or member take, which has value for the organisation or further the goals of the organisation?”

Examples of actions that have value for an organisation: 

  • Signing up for paid membership or subscription OR renewing
  • Signing up for an event or training course
  • Clicking a sponsors advert
  • Purchases something from a shop
  • Donates money
  • Signing up for a newsletter (if any of the above options are included in your newsletter).