Contemporary expectations are that donors should be able to engage with you online. It’s worth assessing how user friendly your current website is and how easy it is to engage and donate. You can go through this simple checklist for starters;

  1. Is there an easily identifiable call to action on your homepage to ‘Donate’?
  2. Is your form simple to complete and are your pages clear and uncluttered?
  3. Can users complete your form on mobile without too much scrolling or pain? Researchers anticipated that in 2018 45% of all online transactions will be via mobile.
  4. Can visitors research you and gain confidence in who you are and what you do online? Research reveals that 60% of donors research before giving.
  5. Are your visitors relevant, or are you attracting attention that’s going nowhere? How do you address that and secure quality connections?

Another great acid test is to get people who are not attached to your organisation to independently assess the experience of donating online. Their feedback is likely to give you some great insight into how to improve.

Your Google Analytics account can also be really valuable in this fact-finding mission. It’s possible to see how people are interacting with your site, which pages they are visiting, where they are leaving (bouncing) and what they are clicking on. There are also online tools you can use to record website activity, with videos and heatmaps of user behaviour to help you to determine areas for improvement.

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