By integrating your CRM and other systems with your website you can bring about significant change. Integrating technology platforms with an online interface can empower your members, personalise their experience, give you the opportunity to get to know them better and address previously challenging or inefficient processes.

Let’s look at these four key areas in more detail;


  • Engaging members through self-service has the dual benefits of empowering them and reducing the burden on your resources. From simple administrative actions such as updating their details and preferences, to revenue generating membership renewals and event bookings, this ability adds value to your organisation and their membership experience.

  • By integrating learning management solutions (LMS) and Continuing Professional Development (CPD) tools, your organisation can provide members with access to learning and development opportunities through a seamless online experience. Engaging membership at significant points in their career and facilitating their progression communicates your commitment to their development and assures public confidence in an equipped membership.


  • Providing members with an engaging personalised experience of your organisation online is becoming the stuff of standard user expectation. It demonstrates both a ‘knowing’ of the member, their interests, needs and relevant opportunities, and a respect for their time.

  • Presenting information held in your CRM back to the logged in member can take many forms such as prepopulating forms with the data you hold on them, saving them time and streamlining their experience.

  • It is possible to personalise the user experience through implementing processes that interrogate the data in the CRM. This can also facilitate the automation of making relevant recommendations. Examples of this can include eligibility-based recommendations such as ‘if’ they have this qualification ‘then’ they will be eligible to study for this next level/attend this course etc.

  • Having a CMS where content can be tagged and set to appear for members whose preferences/qualifications/interests/location match those tags is another way to further personalise their experience through focussed content delivery.
  • Integrating your email marketing platform with your CRM/CMS can also be a valuable tool in personalising your member engagement. Being able to communicate tailored messaging by interest, qualification, location, membership level etc with relevant audiences becomes a possibility through investing in integrated systems.


  • Connecting systems to position your CRM as the ‘single point of truth’ enables your organisation to make strategic data-based decisions that can improve the efficiency and success of processes and allocation of resources. The visibility and measurability of data-based decisions are more likely to result in enhanced ROI and realising growth potential.

  • Being able to correlate member interest and behaviour data against marketing/retention activity gives real insight into where success is achieved and therefore campaigns worth replicating, and where change is needed to improve performance. This knowledge ensures more successful connection with your members and more effective allocation of resource.


  • The easier processes can be made (such as automated billing, payment, renewals and event registration), the better your users experience, and the more efficiently your organisation runs.
  • Legacy systems are sometimes so bespoke to your needs and so deeply ingrained in your organisation that the prospect of moving to a new system is just too daunting. The good news is that legacy systems can be integrated into new systems and even given fresh interfaces to improve user experience. It’s a pretty unique skill, but one NetXtra are highly adept at!

It is also worth considering that integrating systems can make the ‘adoption of’ and ‘expansion into’ new technology platforms less demanding on resource. For example, the creation of a phone-based app which draws upon data and development already achieved in the CRM/CMS, results in an additional engagement tool which takes less effort to implement and maintain.

Take a look at our ‘at a glance’ guide as to what can be integrated, what this might mean for you and your members, and a few of our engaging examples.

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