Let’s look at each of your audience types in further detail along with possible means of engagement;


Where your organisation relies on the recruitment, retention and coordination of volunteers, you are either going to be decimated by unavailability due to illness, risk profile or nervousness around potential exposure, or you will be experiencing a sudden influx of volunteers with time and social conscience on their hands.

Where dealing with a decimated volunteer force its really important to retain connection during this period of them not being actively involved, so that when they can return, they do. Mediums for staying connected can include emails and social media campaigns, potentially using closed groups for in-group messaging.

For those overwhelmed by eager volunteers, having a means of managing their participation is going to be critical. NetXtra can help with online and mobile app volunteer management platforms to enable volunteers to register, provide relevant information (such as DBS checks where appropriate with uploads of relevant certificates/documentation) and coordinate schedules to ensure that relevant slots, locations and roles are appropriately allocated.

Again, it’s really important that both active volunteers, and those pending involvement in your programs are engaged, communicated with and that mobilisation is maintained. You need to be able to provide appropriate training, where possible digitally so that they can consume this in advance, in their own time and with as little drain on your resources as possible. Videos are a great way to deliver this. They need means of connection during their time working as a volunteer, so that should they encounter a problem, they can gain access to information such as FAQs or means of contacting the relevant help and support. And because life happens, they need the flexibility to reschedule slots and not create a crisis. Technology can facilitate the delivery of all of these essential aspects, chat to us if you’d like to hear more.