Getting started

You can collect a wide range of data on your members in order to provide personalisation, information like what content they’ve read, liked or shared, what events they’ve been interested in or attended and what campaigns they’ve engaged with. The biggest part of being able to tailor content is your ability to collect and save this information, preferably in a CRM system. The more information you collect, the better the picture you have on your members and the more accurate your tailoring can become. You can then use this information to determine what types of content work best for your organisation and your audience.

The content

You will need to establish what your organisation’s capacity for content creation is. Offering content that is personalised down to an individual level is not always practical. This is where theme groups, preference centres or segments can work well. Using the information you collect to; segment your data, add individuals to different themes and groups and use that to send or show content that will resonate with that group is often the best marriage of effective and efficient.

The next step is automation! Explore what type of automation is possible with your existing software. Can your email marketing software allow you to use dynamic fields that populate areas with a specific theme of content, dependant on who the recipient is? Can your website show live, related content fields, so that when a user is reading content, they automatically see content tagged with the same theme/segment?

Understanding what is possible is the key to creating a strategic, content plan.


Plan for success! Plan how the data will be collected, how it will be reported on and translated into content and how it will best be scheduled. Think about some of these questions:

  1. What audience segments are sensible to tailor content for?
  2. What themes should that content follow?
  3. How is the content best tailored for the audience and most suitable broadcast mechanism?
  4. What’s the best way of distributing it and when?
  5. In each instance, how will you measure success?

Periodically, you need to review the plan and adjust activity as your data informs, new messaging emerges, the priorities of the organisation evolve or new distribution methods/channels are made available to you.

But what content can you tailor?

There are a variety of areas in which you can consider personalising your members content, below are some examples.

Member Portal/Website

  • Displaying content when they log in according to their preferences /interests/ specific skill set e.g. a different homepage without the generic public content on, with main slides promoting member specific services and events, and content such as news articles of most relevance to them prioritised provides immediate impact.
  • Dashboards within their member portal which specifically represent the value of their membership, display their engagement with the organisation and promote similar or ‘next steps’ activities can increase the perceived value, increase their engagement and contribute to your marketing efforts.
  • Serving content triggered by behaviour can be very powerful. Having the ability for your website/portal to automate recommendations based on content being viewed in a live context brings new meaning to ‘dynamic’.


  • Sending emails with relevant content, based on your segmented information in the CRM.
  • Inviting them to events based on their interests, their location etc.


An app won’t be suitable for every organisation, but if it is, they are a great way to offer further personalised information such as;

  • Digital membership cards.
  • Displaying their own membership details and activity.
  • Using push notifications to provide communications and promotions that require a sense of urgency and are specific to the individual member.  
  • Recommending events, meetings and campaigns in their area, interest space etc.

You can get to a very sophisticated level of personalisation, and we recommend you read our dos and don’ts when it comes to tracking your members first. The way you can personalise their experience all depends on how good your data is, and the level of automation in the delivery of that tailored content depends on how well integrated your systems are. If you want to chat about making all of this possible in your organisation, give us a call. We have completed many projects that are now seeing tangible audience engagement results for a number of organisations.