ROBO/ROPO in Ecommerce Marketing

Just about everybody is navigating what it means to provide a truly seamless shopping experience to customers across every channel but for those with bricks and mortar stores life may have recently got just that little bit more exciting. ROBO/ROPO (Research Online, Buy/Purchase Offline) is standard customer behaviour, but the ability to track this journey and harness that data is opening up a whole new world of opportunities.

ROI on Digital Advertising Spend

Where you link a store location on Google Maps with your AdWords account Google has been able to provide an estimate on conversion tracking or at the least visits to your bricks and mortar store for the last few years. This was based on users who clicked through on your PPC campaign within the last 30 days having location history enabled, and being signed into Google.

Taking it to the Next Level

With the ability to take geolocation tracking to the next level through mobile and beacon technology, the game just got a whole lot more interesting with Facebook and SnapChat also pursuing permission to play and Adobe offering a suite cutting edge solutions through their Experience Cloud underpinned by their advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Into the Future

Adobe are also developing a tool to monitor in-store footfall, identifying previous customers and accessing data on their previous purchasing habits to push notifications of offers and items of interest via the retailers app. The system is integrated with third-party data from inventory, POS and CRM systems to ensure that offers area appropriate to stock-levels etc.

Data facilitating 1:1 marketing

Ecommerce Marketers now know more about the individuals in their audience than ever before; their likes, dislikes, behaviour patterns etc. taking insight to a whole new level. The availability of this ‘knowing/telling’ customer data is that 2018 will likely mark the death of demographic-based marketing. The ecommerce channel projected to receive the greatest investment this year (Gorilla B2B eCommerce Benchmarking Report 2017) is Content and Marketing, closely followed by Personalisation. With demonstrable ROI behind the success of these channels it is a safe investment to utilise personalised content to serve both masters of attracting new customers and eliciting greater spend from your existing buyers.