Whilst all of the changes imposed by the coronavirus pandemic have caused near total disruption to life as we knew it, there are possibly a few positive things to emerge;

People valuing face to face interaction and increasing communication

It’s never been truer that we ‘don’t know what we’ve got ‘til it’s gone’. From companies holding ‘I miss your face’, ‘lunch’ and ‘coffee/watercooler’ online meetups for their teams, to wider families Facetiming over dinner, to friends drinking wine and watching movies in sync online, we realise what we value at times like this, each other. We find ways around the problem, running our businesses through video conference, but all the while there’s this tinge of frustration that it would be so much better/easier if we were face-to-face. One to put on the ‘postponed list’*.

Families spending more time together

Where wider families are feeling the pain of separation, for the most part nuclear families are being thrown together, in some cases claustrophobically so. Whilst this has its difficulties, it also provides opportunities to reconnect, to spend quality time, to get involved in your children’s educational journey (and find new respect for teachers) and get to know each other better. Whilst thinking of the majority, we also spare a thought for those for whom time together is intimidating and dangerous, and for those front-line workers who are sacrificing life with their families to keep them safe whilst working for the greater good.

The re-emergence of neighbourliness and care for our community

Even before coronavirus, as a society we had become rather isolated, or should I say insular, each of us in our own worlds, zoning out by having ears plugged into tunes and podcasts, and eyes connected to phone screens. The current crisis has maybe made us look up and dial-in with the rest of humanity and our surroundings. People have been minded to check on elderly neighbours, volunteer to help the NHS or other community initiatives. This is a good thing.

The inclination to share

Whilst some may be panic buying and stockpiling, there have also been those who have seen an opportunity to share what they have. Be that unofficially in sharing supplies with neighbours and foodbanks, or investing in society through providing online and app resources for free such as free online concerts, free educational programs, free exercise programs (thanks Joe Wicks, Davina, Chris Hemsworth and others) and free cooking inspiration (thanks Jamie Oliver).

The appreciation of key workers

Often the low paid, unsung heroes that keep community moving, key workers have been thrust into the limelight as society realises how entirely dependent we are on them. Not taking these roles for granted now, will hopefully stand us in good stead for the future, with increasing numbers of people inspired to take on those careers and the rest of us being more grateful for all that they do.

Investment in self

Whether its physical exercise, mental wellbeing or learning a new skill, we are increasing in awareness and getting a wake-up call about how important it is to invest in ourselves, hopefully this is another habit which we will form for our long term good.

Employees being able to work from home

Where previously many thought that working from home would be ‘cushty’, they’ve suddenly been dropped in the deep end and realised the reality of endless days in their own four walls eating something with toast for lunch! Whilst it likely saves time in peoples day, potentially enabling them to get a better work-life balance, can help economically with eliminating commutes (which in turn benefits the environment), many are actually missing the focused environment of the office (probably those navigating having kids at home!) and the camaraderie of their colleagues.

A rise in innovation and entrepreneurialism

Whether that’s Dyson turning their hand to ventilator manufacture, restaurants becoming take-aways, wholesalers feeding their communities direct or the nation reinvesting in their gardens as a potential source of self-sufficiency moving forwards. There are business opportunities for those out there who have open eyes, hearts and minds to run with them. On that subject, we have introduced an accelerated ecommerce program to help businesses sell online within 48 hours, if you’d like to find out more give us a call.

*for those who aren’t aware, many are creating ‘postponed lists’ of things they can’t do right now, which they are going to do when they ‘get out’ of this situation, a positive coping mechanism!