When your focus is on your audience, then you will have a better understanding of how to target your marketing activities. Think about the demographic you are reaching out to and what their common interests are. Their discovery journey can be initiated by any number of things, but commonly a Google search factors in their early discovery therefore having relevant keywords on your website is critical to you appearing in their results.

Other than your main key term, what kind of terms and phrases might your audience be searching for on Google? Are any of them worth creating dedicated landing pages for? Does our copy include some of these terms and phrases, or should it be adjusted to accommodate them?

How do we identify user intent? Ask Google! Creation of content that resonates at various points of the audiences journey through Google to finding you is an obvious area to invest in. Simply put, create content for each stage of the search funnel to line each search term on route to discovering you. Work from the broadest terms someone might use to find your kind of product or service down to the most specific. If you check out your Search Engine Results Pages, they will tell you a lot about how to connect with your audience.

Using paid ads and organic content will give you better visibility on Google. Having content designed for your prospective audience so that when they discover you you have something of value is critical. What you don't want to do is advertise something that is either misleading or not linked to a specific product or service page on your website. A wasted ad click is not only wasted money, it's wasted faith too.

85 – 95% of people won’t convert from an initial visit so we need to prepare for that proactively with retargeting campaigns. Did you know that you can use Google Analytics to track: document downloads, visitors who have scrolled more than 75% down knowledge-based content pages and those who have started but abandoned form completion? Setting up events such as these in Google Analytics  enables you to identify and segment data from which to create retargeting audiences.

So how do you go about undertaking retargeting activities? We have a wealth of knowledge and resources, including handy 'How to' videos that we can send you the links to. Drop us an email to and we can send over the information and answer any further questions you may have.