When looking to directly improve an online business’s profitability, SEO and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) are often the assumed solution whilst relatively few ecommerce businesses seem aware of the value of Conversion Rate Optimisation. CRO essentially looks to increase the conversion of site visitors into paying customers through adjusting things such as descriptions, position, even order of navigation. These seemingly small changes can result in significant improvements to conversion rates, yet many ecommerce sites are still pretty much the same as the day they were built. A good CRO strategy enables ecommerce store owners to understand how their specific customers think and act, informing action to drive conversions and generate increased revenue.

What’s involved in developing a CRO strategy?

An initial CRO strategy is reasonably straightforward to begin with an initial light touch audit of the ecommerce site, its operation and user journeys. Using a combination of experience and best practice knowledge, we can identify key areas which would benefit from minor changes. Where are the friction points for users? What might cause them to drop off? Are the calls to action prominent enough and positioned appropriately? Does key information sit above the page fold? This process always uncovers some quick wins – tweaks that take little time to implement yet have the potential to yield impressive and often immediate results, much to the delight of our clients.

Following the audit, the website performance is examined in a number of different ways including gathering and analysing relevant data. A site architecture review and content gap analysis is undertaken along with a review of all organic and paid advertising. We gather, analyse and interrogate market and customer behavioral data before recommending a course of action to increase conversions and drive positive ROI.

How do you implement a CRO strategy?

It is good practice to invest a monthly allocation of hours specifically to make ongoing iterative changes, measuring and testing their impact on CRO. By analysing user data, we continually refine the user experience of your website to drive visitors towards action, guaranteeing a better return on your digital marketing investment.

Is CRO just for ecommerce?

Having referred to the place of CRO in the ecommerce world, it would be easy to think it irrelevant for information based sites, but that simply isn’t the case. Every website should exist for a purpose, with objectives sitting behind its reason for being, and user engagement goals. Whether your conversion paths include visitors enquiring about your services, gaining newsletter ‘sign-ups’, monitoring information downloads and gathering user data, CRO can improve your sites performance in attaining your engagement goals.

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