As the world quite literally goes into survival mode, its likely underplaying it to say that current strategy is looking different from what we’d planned for 2020! Looking at the last three crises that originated in Asia (SARS, MERS, Fukoshima), we may be able to predict the phases in the impact curve if not the duration. For those with responsibility for leading businesses we are having to revise strategy at speed, making decisions for short term survival, medium term recovery and long-term growth.


The primary consideration in any business strategy needs to be around relationship, internal relationships with your team and external relationships with your customers, partners and prospects. This largely hinges on good communication and right now having an awareness and consideration of others challenges.

Always look for opportunities to invest and add value in a relationship. In the survival phase this could be through providing additional flexibility to your team during these unprecedented times, making adjustments to make things easier for clients, having a heightened awareness to look out for opportunities to promote partners businesses and adding value to society as a whole to build potential connection with prospects who are unlikely to commit to things during this season of unknowns. 

There are a myriad of tools to help with relationship maintenance, mostly centred around enabling communication. From team collaboration and community tools to social media for broadcast and webinars to share valuable content with clients and prospects, communication tools help to facilitate relationship and maintain it with strategic use.

Making relevant adjustments in how you build, sustain and add value to relationships will stand you in good stead for the recovery phase, and position you well for growth. Obviously when we’re through the struggles of the survival phase and into the recovery phase, we will have the benefits of being able to build relationship through face to face interaction and there will less unknowns and a clearer path with a more certain future. This in itself will increase optimism and provide a greater confidence to invest which will fuel the growth phase of our strategies.