Adopt a proactive plan! This can can help to ensure that your clicks are up, your traffic remains and your sales are boosted.

  1. Theme it

Fuel those summer vibes. Theme your website with inspiring seasonal images, wherever possible with relevant product. Summer is fun, fast, warm and inviting so make your channels are full of seasonal inspiration content.

  1. Get busy

Months where sales activity is classically reduced present brilliant opportunities for new marketing initiatives. Get busy on social and think about targeted marketing campaigns that will resonate. Consider the most relevant PPC, adword and paid social campaigns and invest. Research has proven that when people have more downtime, their net ‘surfing’ increases.

  1. Campaign away

Don’t wait until summers here, pre-empt it! Start early and get into people’s consciousness. Your campaign could be:

  • Summer flash sale
  • Themed giveaway
  • Seasonal (or launching) a loyalty programme
  • Event based e.g sporting (ashes, tour de France), birthday (your company celebrating 10 years) or something more local / specialised to your organisation or product.
  • Limited edition products 
  1. Partner up

Is there a business that you could work with in the ideal summer product marriage? Look for cross sell and promotional opportunities to bundle your products together. How about partnering with the perfect summer read or refreshment? Could you offer their product free with a purchase of yours and vice versa? Think flipflops and beachbags, hats and sunscreen, rum and coke! Partnerships can be really powerful – as it gives you access to their audience, followers, database etc as well as your own.

  1. Diversify

If the pandemic taught us anything it was that in business the agile survive. Have you considered if there is a new audience you can tap into this summer? Would it be the ideal time to launch a subscription service delivering boxes of delights to loyal customers? Think outside the box and don’t be afraid to try things. If your business is a little quieter then use that time to invest in the future so that this time next year will be a different story.