If you are a frequent visitor to our Insights area, you will now have seen that the NetXtra site has been relaunched with a completely new design. So we thought it would be a great idea to take you through some of the new features of our new website.

Cut down navigation and copy

We have ruthlessly gone through the site navigation to cut it down to a minimum. To help us do this, we ran a series of card sorting exercises with our website's audiences in mind. This has been invaluable in guiding us to the information architecture that we have on the site today.

At the same time we have also looked at our content. The Content Management System (CMS) that underpins the new site helps our marketing department and other staff to add content in a way that is search engine friendly. We also considered the length, tone of voice and the layout of the copy when adding the content to the pages. We have, where possible, tried to keep paragraphs short, content in bulleted lists, and images relevant to the copy.

Fresh imagery

We are particularly proud of our new carouselled homepage banners. These banners represent a large piece of real estate, so they have to make an impact with their calls-to-action and focusing upon highlighting the services we provide.

Interactive engagement

You may have noticed that we are keen to continue using the power of social networking channels - namely Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube. Links to these can be found in the footer of every page. If you haven't already, do follow our activities on these channels as much of it offers new and insightful information about Internet best practice, that is not necessarily on our new site. We have also used our new design style guide to ensure that our digital design language is maintained across these channels, as well as on the new site.

While we are aware that there are a vast array of social networks available, we choose specific channels to focus our key messages - whilst ensuring that we follow a consistent approach. Our key objectives for each channel are as follows:


  • Ask clients and other users for recommendations

  • Create a useful product and service page


  • Maintain a full and up-to-date profile

  • Share Internet best practice information

  • Use it as a forum platform for our news and Insights

  • Respond to messages

  • Follow back anyone who follows us


  • Keep our information up-to-date

  • Share Internet best practice information

  • Make sure the wall is kept active

  • Regularly check and respond to messages

  • Engage with people through polls and Wall activity

  • Add videos and portfolio images

  • Encourage users to ‘Like’ us


  • Offer a platform for training and learning about our products and services

  • Share client testimonials

  • Maintain an active channel and promote our site and social media channels

We have also implemented a new social media sharing feature on most pages of our new website. This allows our site visitors to share our content with their own networks.

Commenting on our Insights articles

To encourage greater interaction with our audiences, we have added a new 'comments' feature to our Insights articles. Please do give us feedback on the articles read - good or bad. It helps us hone the content to exactly what our visitors want to see.

Responsive design

Given the number of devices with browsers on the market, all with different resolutions, we have developed our new website using a responsive design. We have written more on this in an earlier Insights post. This has been a really exciting development for us and now means that our new website will be appear in its most optimal format, based upon how it’s being read by you.

We are really proud of our new website - we really hope you like it too. As always, we welcome any comments from you about any element of it. This can be done using the form on the Contact page. We look forward to hearing from you.