Most people who use digital platforms to communicate will have used a content management system (CMS) to manage the content for an interface such as a website within templates and WYSIWYG editors. The problem with these traditional CMS platforms is that they only contain and manage the content for a single interface, whereas contemporary communication demands that we take an omnichannel broadcast approach.

'Headless CMS' decouples content from the front-end delivery layer, meaning it can act as a single point of content entry, delivering that content via API into all kinds of interfaces or 'Heads'. This route enables organisations to plug in and out whatever public-facing platforms they like, with the content layer storing and broadcasting across them all.

While a headless CMS provides many benefits, there are also drawbacks such as additional cost and it's impact on the authoring experience. With no front end presentation layer, the display of content sits in the hands of each platforms front-end developer. Modern marketers have enjoyed the freedom of creating their own content layouts through WYSIWIG editors with drag-and-drop interfaces and live previews, losing this ability will likely lead to frustration.

Navigating the drawbacks of a headless CMS has prompted the evolution of 'Hybrid CMS' (AKA decoupled or head-optional CMS). Hybrid is aimed at delivering the best of both worlds, combining the flexibility of consistent omnichannel content delivery integrated with one or more content authoring/management solutions, enabling marketers to undertake the activities they are used to on classic CMS without the delay or expense of developer involvement. Hybrid separates the content repository and presentation layer (which communicate with each other via API), enabling faster, more secure content delivery. Because hybrid CMS's are built with integration at their core, integration with any technology is easy and so are more futureproof as technological innovation continues.

NetXtra are able to offer classic, headless and hybrid CMS, recommending the most appropriate solution to an organisations needs. We recognise that the strength of hybrid lies in the ease of integration and customisation, enabling a truly omnichannel approach. This approach works both for our commercial clients on platforms like Magento and our NFP CMS based clients who commonly enjoy having a single back-end to populate all of their interfaces (website, mobile app etc). 

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