Whilst the popularity of using apps is undeniable, careful consideration needs to be given as to how an app might add value to your organisation and audience. This article looks at 5 ways that apps can add value:

1. Easy

One benefit of apps is the secure nature of being dedicated to a single users device. This relegates remembering credentials to being a thing of the past with the convenience of biometric logins or saved passwords. The ease of using an app is central to its success. An app should enable your audience to manage their own data which through integration empowers your organisations data based activities without tedious time consuming manual processes.

2. Feature rich

An app can piggyback off technologies available through its mobile device host. For example, the camera can be used to upload evidence for CPD or geo-location used to alert users to local events or available offers/benefits. Apps also provide the ability to access content whilst offline which is simply updated automatically when connection resumes.

3. Relevant

An app needs to have a unique purpose and value to earn its real estate on a users device. Digital membership cards with scannable QR/barcodes can be useful for claiming member benefits and CPD points when registering at events (which can then be recorded in the CRM for reporting purposes). They can also provide efficiencies around manufacture and distribution of physical cards and when the need arises to revoke membership for any reason.

4. Closer connection

With users checking their phones up to every 8.6* minutes apps have the ability to forge a closer connection with your audience. Not only do they have a more consistent awareness of your ‘brand in their pocket’, but with the ability to send push notifications (where enabled) your message can be received and motivate action with ease, this is particularly useful to Unions where campaigns and petitions can be promoted and support garnered at pace through a mobilised membership.

5. Revenue generating

With your app providing a transactional interface users should be able to join, renew, book courses or events or shop for products all through a seamless user experience with built in payment gateway (it is also worth considering use of ApplePay and Google Pay for increased ease of payment). For charities it’s well worth considering how an app can enable donations and fundraising (and potentially volunteer coordination too).

We recommend that those considering app development think about what they want an app to do, how it could add value and whether there are engagement or other challenges it could solve. If you’d like some help in exploring the potential of an app further please get in touch with us on 01787 319393 or talktous@netxtra.net