1. Identify the need. Have you seen;

  • declining engagement from your target market/members/donors/historic user or customer base
  • growing discontent or apathy in your team/employees/volunteers
  • your product/service/offering seems to not be meeting your audience expectations
  • your historic drivers are becoming irrelevant
  • processes and systems not enabling efficiencies but rather hindering progress
  • the need to adopt new ways of doing overtakes the risk of change and fear of the unknown

2. Ask the questions, why should we evolve?

  • Will looking at your processes, your data, your account management for example, reveal overly manual processes or perhaps holes in the quality.
  • Has your membership/customer base stagnated or gone backwards?
  • Does audience perception of your organisation reflect what you would like and are trying to achieve?

3. Assess the impact of evolution and innovation on your organisation. Would;

  • Making change alleviate pressure points such as financial overheads
  • Utilising latest tech mean that you can engage with your audience, and potentially new audiences through new or improved channels.
  • A shift in focus for your organisation mean your audience understands you and your brand direction more clearly.

4. Understand the benefits of innovating. These can include:

  • Process efficiencies minimising time spent on manual tasks and making cost savings.
  • Organisational growth by increasing member/customer base.
  • Being a leader in your market – changes you make to your organisation may well set a precedent for market and audience expectation change.

5. Once you start…

By changing your organisations culture to one that embraces change, by recognizing the advantages of strategic partnerships, you can futureproof your organisation so you can enjoy continual evolution and growth. 

We’re hosting our next breakfast event on 'The Culture Challenge’ looking at the complexities and challenges of addressing culture change both inside organisations and with audiences. We’ll also examine cultural changes in the external environment and how these can be embraced for organisational success. Places are limited so book your free place now to avoid disappointment. For further information contact our events team – events@netxtra.net.