1. Does your brand reflect your current organisation’s vision and mission?
    Your brand conveys your personality and is at its best when it evolves alongside your organisation and resonates with your audience.
  2. Does your audiences loyalty and engagement appear to be diminishing?
    Some focused brand repositioning can help to re-engage, re-energise and inspire. Make sure you’re speaking their language, in a way they want to hear it, when they want to hear it! 
  3. Does your brand confuse your audience, are your marketing messages inconsistent?
    If so, it’s time to assess if your brand creative, personality, messaging and tone are resonating with your audience. Refine and re-engage in a focused way.
  4. Can your brand accommodate your plans for growth?
    A review and refresh of your brand can enhance it’s appeal to new audiences, enabling enhanced agility and futureproofing.
  5. What are your competitors and peers doing?
    Ensuring that you stand out for the right reasons helps your brand be positioned appropriately in your market.

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