1. Control and Flexibility.

  • The Magento platform opens up a world of possibilities, with a wealth of ‘out-of-the-box’ features and available extensions. Further to this, the platform is highly customisable, enabling skilled developers to tailor the solution to client’s business needs.
  • The CMS is user friendly and intuitive, allowing administrators greater control of their site and its content. This ability is fantastic in facilitating an agile and responsive approach to promotions and product offers.

2. Built for growth and sustainability.

  • 2,000+ extensions available.
  • Magento Open Source (formerly Community) can handle up to 500,000 products; and this capability extends to be able to handle multiple databases and effectively limitless products if the system is upgraded to Magento Commerce (formerly ‘Enterprise’).
  • Can manage 80,000 orders an hour.
  • Has one of the largest developer communities, who constantly evolve and add extensions, provide an unparalleled wealth of knowledge and support.

3. Has great marketing capabilities

  • SEO efficient with built-in features not found on other platforms.
  • Onsite product search features to extend customer search capabilities which in turn match more related products.
  • Provides a related and featured product facility to increase upsell and cross sell opportunities through the user journey right up to checkout.
  • Can manage automated pushing of products through marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay.

4. Prioritises security

  • Uses robust security with password and ReCaptcha enabled logins.

5. Is designed for global success

  • Capable of transacting in multiple currencies using assigned merchant accounts or automated conversion tools.
  • Can deliver the content in multiple languages, or the same site through different location appropriate storefronts.

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