1. Objectives and strategy

Success starts with strategy. Make sure you’ve fully identified; who your audience are (members/professionals etc), what they need and want, and why they might be connecting with your organisation. Building an engagement strategy on this foundation, with goals to measure success, will enable focused activity to deliver results that can underpin future campaigning.

2. Take advantage of every touch point

Your members can come into contact with you in so many different ways. Don’t miss an opportunity to leverage a touchpoint, and convert it into engagement.

  • Website:
    Your website provides a flexible responsive platform to amplify your voice in promoting your brand, purpose, values and offering. As a gateway to your key interaction areas, it should be a frictionless intuitive user experience. Whether the activity is; joining as a member, donating, registering for an event or signing up to receive a newsletter, successful engagement enables users to transition from observation to participation.

  • Online communities:
    There are a multitude of online communities available for your member to engage with. Ensuring that yours provides a unique compelling experience is critical to its success. Member portals have become an essential component of the modern-day membership experience. Providing a place where members can access added value content and services, engage with the organisation and each other is fundamental to their perception of the value of membership. Delivering a personalised experience is what contemporary users expect. Welcoming them by name on login, serving them with content that you know matches their expertise/interests/preferences and previous interaction patterns provides members with a sense of being known and appreciated.  

  • Social media:
    Posting original content on social media can reinforce your brand authenticity and demonstrate your expertise and thought leadership. It’s a useful channel to raise awareness of events, signpost stories, share pictures of prompt action. Instagram and Pinterest are potentially worthy contenders in the social portfolio for those with the ability to convey a message visually – after all, a picture says a thousand words! Whilst social media is a fantastic channel for immediate connection, response and distribution of content and messages for your audience to engage with, share and respond to, it needs resource to ensure consistency and responsiveness.

  • Events:

If you attend events as an exhibitor make sure that you;

  • Use your digital channels to promote involvement with appropriate hashtags and mentions in comments and feedback around the event. This helps to broaden your potential audience and optimise exposure to potential stand visitors.

  • Contextualise what you do to resonate with the audience; demonstrate organisation value, benefits of membership/how you add value. If you have the ability to sign new members up at the event, what would be the most engaging way of doing so, and are there incentives to harness the impulse?

If you host your own events for members/potential members make sure that:

  • The content quality is high, that your audience will find it relevant, educational and topical.

  • Make the delegate experience as personal as possible as quickly as possible. Sending personalised emails with helpful suggestions as to seminars they might be interested in based on what you know about them, following up with content related to the seminars they attended etc.).

  • Your brand and the purpose of your organisation is prominent and well presented.

  • Where appropriate, tell your story and the story of your members, professionals and beneficiaries. Having a narrative that resonates is a powerful way to connect with your audience.

3. Your CRM

Ask yourself; is your CRM central to your organisations activities? Does it perform in the way you need it to? Does it track your business processes and facilitate, or is it viewed as an irrelevant inconvenience that people fail to adopt? Is it integrated with your digital systems in order to capture all possible data and feed that back into a member experience?

Meaningful member engagement hinges on deep integration between your CRM and website/member portal. Harnessing the power of the data you hold about the user is key to delivering a personalised user experience. We love to demonstrate how the integrated CRM CMS solutions we’ve delivered for organisations have opened up a world of possibilities to them.

4. Don’t forget the basics

Meaningful engagement is developed on the basis of trust, and trust is established through transparency and being who your members expect you to be. Demonstrate integrity and trustworthiness - do what you say you are going to do!

NetXtra specialise in partnering with organisations for their transformation journey. From strategy to delivery and into review, our focus is on optimising your audience engagement using the most appropriate digital tools for your organisation. Give us a call to start talking about engaging your members through personalised experiences.

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