Email-Commerce could be a game changer

Today email delivers more revenue than all other digital activity combined, it’s still a massively effective means of bringing visitors to an ecommerce site, and it’s about to get even more efficient! Start-up Rebel are supercharging email marketing by allowing visitors to convert and purchase within the email itself rather than driving them to the site.

Disruptive technology like this could transform how brands sell online.

Voice search is starting to be a bigger factor

Smartphone voice activated search has been around for a few years, but with the massive growth of voice activated home devices enabling users to search and act online with a word, this is a real growth area for ecommerce. Approximately 40% of millennials (the group any forward thinking marketeer should be focusing on) have used a voice assistant prior to making a purchase. By 2020 it’s estimated that more than 50% of millennials will have used voice search prior to making a purchase.

On this basis, it’s a good idea for businesses to consider optimising their ‘Google My Business’ listings. This enables local pages have unique URLs that are indexed by Google. This includes name, address, telephone number, and any other relevant data in your on-page content. Ensuring that content is relevantly optimised to the queries and terms a user might say when searching, is likely to result in more visitors.

Today voice searches seek straightforward answers to questions such as; ‘what’s the opening time of … restaurant?’ or ‘where is the nearest cash machine?’. The future of voice search looks set to provide answers to life’s more complex questions, although the reliability of the results is potentially questionable!

Omni device and Omni channel

Whilst mobile devices have overtaken desktop in search, when it comes to conversion mobile still lags behind desktop, however according to Salesforce “About 85% of online shoppers start a purchase on one device and finish on another.”

Also, going forwards the expectation will be for a unified experience. It won’t be enough to simply be present on many channels – channel integration will be a prerequisite. Cookie-enabled ads mean that if someone searches for a product and researches several choices, it’s likely that they would see ads for that product on their social media feeds over the following days.

More Fulfillment Options

96% of customers ideally want delivery within 24 hours – that requirement is often a motivating factor in abandoned basket stats. Whilst not every store can deliver so quickly, depending where you live Amazon have ‘upped the anti’ in providing same day delivery, which when more widely available is likely to have a huge impact. ‘Click and collect’, ‘collect from a nearby location’ and ‘deliver to work’ are all options that provide the customer with the kind of flexibility that modern life dictates and these approaches commonly reduce delivery time by up to 24 hours.