Before diving into 2021 with a repeat of 2020, is now a good opportunity to review your digital communication and marketing platforms? Whilst a new year can present an ‘out with the old, in with the new’ housekeeping opportunity, it’s not always a ‘new broom’ that’s needed. With the challenges of 2020 carrying into 2021, assessing where small changes can make a big difference can be a really valuable exercise in more ways than one. Our new year checklist highlights areas for consideration with links through to more in-depth information and insight.

  1. Website: is your website designed to reflect your brand, your values and your vision? Does it fulfil your online goals and convert visitors into leads/sales? Is your website integrated with your CRM system to enable a 360 approach to data collection, management and personalised experience for visitors.
  2. CRM: Is your CRM configured to meet your requirements? Are you utilising automation opportunities to realise time and cost savings? Is it used and adopted effectively throughout your business? Does it integrate with other systems such as payment gateways to log swift and simple payments?
  3. Email Marketing: Is your email marketing integrated with your CRM? Can you use dynamic lists of segmented data from your CRM to send the right emails to the right contacts? Is your strategy working and increasing engagement?
  4. Mobile SMS: Is SMS marketing something for consideration in your 2021 strategy? If currently using a platform is it cost effective and can it be integrated with your CRM for ease of data flow?
  5. App: Has your organisation got a mobile app? Would it be useful? Is it integrated with your systems? If you have one, do you have a growth plan for future development? If you don’t have one, is this something you should be looking at to improve your audience engagement?

If you have checked out the links above and would like a no obligation chat about where you are now and where you are trying to get, or you just want to stress test your strategy from a technology point of view please give Melissa Wiggins a call on 01787 319393 or drop her an email.