1. Native and Web apps – what’s the difference?

Native mobile applications (or 'apps') are built in a similar way to traditional desktop applications but can have features and functionality that will work offline through being stored to the device they are downloaded onto. Native apps are quickly and easily downloaded and installed through Apple's App Store for iOS devices (iPhone and iPad) and the Google Play App Store for Android devices.

Web apps essentially use the device browser and therefore require either cell signal or wifi connection to function but are device agnostic.

2. Usage and experience – what to expect.

Mobile apps are generally optimised for improved performance over that of a browser-based web app. Depending on the nature of the application, the controls you interact with and the functionality of a native application often provide a slicker and more sophisticated experience than web apps. These improvements are often subtle - for example, smooth and responsive scrolling through lists using touch screen interfaces on native applications. Also, where cross platform methods are employed in development, the user experience feels natural and familiar, regardless of whether an android or iOS device is used.

3. Does a native app integrate with other technology?

Another advantage of native apps is their ability to make use of device resources such as GPS, the camera and biometric functionality. NetXtra’s ‘Connect’ native mobile app also integrates other technologies such as CRM and CMS systems, using the data contained within them to populate the content of the app and personalise the user experience.

4. How much does a native app cost to develop?

Cost is always dependent on specification, i.e. what is the app required to do, but commonly development costs range between £10,000 and £60,000. The NetXtra ‘Connect’ app technology has been developed to enable efficiencies in both development and management, pulling content from existing systems rather than presenting organisations with another platform to populate and manage.

5. Can I take a phased approach?

We recommend consideration of ongoing improvements when launching an app to motivate your users to maintain their use and return to explore new features and functionality as they are released. Our core ‘Connect’ app gives organisations a really good first step into providing their audience with a native mobile app. These foundational features and functionality can be built upon as time, budget and appetite allow. We also work with organisations to identify where the development of bespoke tools and functionality would be a significant value-add to their audience.