Your website provides a critical interaction point to engage with your audience, promote and sell your services and products. It’s important that it reflects your business values and functions in a way that will connect, empower and resonate with your audience.

As ClearCourse group companies NetXtra and e-clinic are collaborating to provide enhanced services to clients. Our integrated website solution enables you to collect data from your current and prospective patients that will pass directly into your e-clinic management software in real time. An integrated site enables booking management and collection of valuable pre-procedure information, empowering your clients to manage their appointments and interaction with you. Through use of unique client logins, tailored pre-appointment and aftercare information can be provided delivering further value to your connection.

Our websites are not only mobile friendly but can come with a dedicated native mobile app for an improved cross-device user experience. Mobile apps are a valuable promotional tool putting your brand in your patients’ pocket providing a range of value-added services such as; push notification reminders, adding appointments to a user’s device calendar, after care information, even delivery of specific pre or post care videos tailored to their engagement.

For clinics with product sales as a core revenue stream we can also assist with ecommerce solutions on the leading Magento solution. Our Magento sites enable businesses to deliver strategic sales growth through data-driven marketing and product promotion.

How it works - the e-clinic API

The e-clinic API enables information to be posted into your e-clinic software, and to be pulled from it. For example, the API can enable the content of your websites enquiry form to be directly fed into the e-Clinic software for processing. This avoids unnecessary manual work with potential for error in data re-entry and handles data in real-time as opposed to delayed database syncs.

Through use of the API, enquiries are automatically marked in the e-clinic software as TODO items enabling improved response times which provide a better experience for users and more efficient process for your clinic. If you would like to see this in action, NetXtra would be happy to provide a demonstration.

NetXtra can utilise the API to build a fully featured site, create integrated forms for your existing site or build portals that enable clients to manage their appointments, details and much more. NetXtra are experts at delivering beautifully designed integrated digital solutions that facilitate significant improvements in user experience and engagement. Talk to us about how we can help to grow your business, make your clinic more efficient and improve your patient relationships.