Recruit, mobilise and engage your members.

Built with our core Connect product as the foundation, Connect Union offers a wider range of functionality to compliment the likes of campaigns, news and events. As well as offering your prospective members free and accessible content with a simple way to ‘join now’, to truly engage your audience our Connect Union can help:

Mobilise and engage

An app is perfect for on the go communication, engagement and mobilisation. The following functionality can really increase your engaging in a variety of ways including:

  • Geo-location technology can be integrated and use push notifications to prompt action for demonstrations, events and meetings
  • Online communities and branches. To ease and encourage discussion, debate and inter-member communication.

Empower your reps

With administration hierarchy allowing branch representatives to control some of the flow of messaging, it empowers them to locate, communicate and engage with their particular branch members separately. This can be in the form of branch areas, branch chat forums and branch managers having the power to push out notification of events based on location or branch membership.

Enhance your voice

Union activity commonly involves lobbying, petitioning or voting. Connect Union app can distribute content and take votes and polls as easy as one click. Pushing these types of activity to a wider audience who can engage with it in their own time. Connect Union plus goes beyond that and can offer a valid digital petition solution. Our app is able to record biometric signatures for authentic petition participation with a squiggle of a finger.

Take a look at the work we’ve already undertaken with the RMT and how they’ve increased connections with their app.  To access the benefits of the Connect Union mobile app get in touch with our team today.