With the MemberWise annual ‘Digital Excellence’ research summary report 2019 still citing increasing member engagement as the top goal for membership organisations, the challenge is real and all tools at our disposal need to be considered. The Ofcom stats around mobile usage make it a compelling choice of channel, but how might it be optimised?

Connect Member is specifically designed to meet the needs of a membership organisation. Developed on our core Connect platform, Connect Member can add value to your member proposition and can provide tools that:

Empower members

Not only can members be in control of their own data, set preferences and interest areas, they can update them accordingly and in real time. They app also uses an enhanced camera functionality so users can document work, upload profiles, augment directories for example.

Add Value

Those membership organisations that are based on professions for example could utilise an app as a benefit of their Member Value Proposition. They can do this by creating valuable tools unique to their members requirements such as calculation tools for business, medical or other.

Access to chat and message forums also add value, and encourage discussion, information sharing inter-member communication.

Aid recruitment

Providing engaging content through an app is the gateway to getting more of your audience to join. If they access that content through an app whereby other member benefits are easily promoted and ‘join now’ is a few clicks, will mean uptake is increased.

Member get member schemes can be facilitated and promoted using the app campaign and push notification functions encouraging members to take ownership of the growth of their own organisation.

Other functionality which Connect Member can provide includes:

  • Offline access to resources such as code of conduct and governance information
  • Facility enquiries and bookings
  • Providing CPD resources and activity logging
  • Qualifications/career pathway tool.
  • Tracking the validity of members official documents such as insurances and declarations

The possibilities are endless.

If you want to have a chat about how Connect Member fits in with your digital engagement strategy, get in touch with our team.