Personalising the engagement with your donors, members and users.

Connect Charity is built with the core functionality of the base Connect product and lays the foundations for more unique features and custom developments. As well as news, events campaigns and all the other standard features, the Connect Charity app can provide:

Donation collection

A fundamental requirement in augmenting budgets for most charities is the ability to undertake projects and research or assist specific activity by fundraising. The Charity Connect app can offer another access point to donors by:

  • Making it quick and easy to donate through:
    • A specific donation area
    • The campaign ‘Take Action’ functionality.
    • A quick link out to other software such as Just giving.

  • Utilising the campaigns and access to phone cameras to ensure engaging with campaigns like ‘ice bucket challenge’ or any share video/photo initiative is simple.
  • Utilising the push notifications to alert, remind and mobilise around campaigns!

Volunteer management

If you utilise and manage a volunteering programme the Connect Charity app can simplify the administration behind this, whilst empowering the volunteer themselves. It can provide:

  • Instant alert showing schedule spaces to be allocated, shared schedules specific to a geographic location
  • Add and remove scheduled timeslots by the individual, which can automate a response to fill any gaps.
  • A branch network for communication between local volunteers and the organisation.

Motivating action

Charities often have large volumes of content needing to be made readily available to its audience. This could be:

  • A directory of members, solution providers or businesses associated with that charity.
  • A library of useful, educational and relevant content.
  • Research and publications.
  • Testimonials, case studies and support
  • Get involved, joining etc.

An app can facilitate this for the user and make their journey easier, quicker and can provide access to content offline – which even in this 5G age is important.

As integration and development specialists we can build and provide you with unique solutions that fit your exacting needs. Contact our team today to learn more about where Connect Charity fits into your digital engagement strategy.