RMT is a progressive, democratic and highly professional trade union, with more than 80,000 members. Members are from almost every sector of the transport industry - from the mainline and underground railways, shipping and offshore, buses and road freight.  In August 2013 RMT and NetXtra launched a new website www.rmt.org.uk in order to meet the demands and requirements of a very diverse audience. To further RMT’s digital improvement program and enable RMT to reach out to their audience better, the development of a native mobile application was the next strategic step.


In the first week of launch RMT saw a staggering result with:

• 5000+ downloads

• 9000+ sessions recorded

• 3.17 sessions per device.

• 4.0 average app store rating.

Uupdated figures – 2 months after launch:

• 6000+ downloads

• 4.79 weekly sessions per device

• 4.2 average app store rating

The app can be directly linked with significant uplift in number of followers on RMT's social networking channels. It has also contributed to increases in monthly average web and newsletter engagements. 

New subscribers to the newsletter:

Pre app: avg 50 per month

Post app: avg of 116 per month

Increase of 132%

Web traffic – visits to Union ‘join online’ page:

Pre app: avg 2,500 per month

Post app: avg of 10,000 per month

Increase of: 300%

The RMT have also been able to test the push notification functionality and it’s been very successful achieving a 12.9% open rate against an average open rate of 7.8*