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Bespoke CMS Guides and Documentation

Our Customer Support Portal Guides are a great source of information and answer all of the regular questions people typically have regarding their website and content management system. What they don't cover is any bespoke website functionality that has been developed specifically for you by NetXtra.

In the lifetime of a website it's not uncommon for the people involved to come and go, taking with them the inside knowledge of how your site works. When the people responsible for a website leave, will their replacement really know what to do? Will the absence of any tailored instruction manual be a cause of frustration and delay - or worse still, an unexpected expense in having a new incumbent start the whole learning process again?

Master paper-copy guides

Many website administrators prefer the tangibility and convenience of a physical guide book to use as a reference for the day-to-day management of their website.

When your new website goes live we can create a tailored guide document with illustrative instructions – providing you with detailed instructions on how your site and CMS works, using your own terminology and in line with your organisation’s internal processes. This guide can then be used as your single point of reference for all questions relating to your website.

Continually updated

Your website will, of course, continue to evolve and grow over its lifetime, meaning any support documentation you have will gradually become outdated.

At NetXtra we can provide a 'living' guide for your website, providing definitive and up-to-the-minute information on how best to use and manage it. This can be an updated paper-based document or a bespoke reference guide used via our NetXtra Customer Support Portal.

With every change to your website, we'll ensure that your guide is continually updated to reflect your new processes and functionality.

To find out more about NetXtra's bespoke guide and documentation service, call 01787 319393 or get in touch via our Contact Us page.

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