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Website Analytics, Analysis and Reporting

For most modern-day membership and not-for-profit organisations, their website is their 'shop front' to the outside world. Yet unlike a traditional shop it’s not always obvious why people come to visit and what they do when they get there.

Detailed recording and accurate analysis of that traffic is often complex and fraught with false positives that can detract you from your online visitors’ real issues.

With almost 20 years of experience in digital marketing, we can help you with the advanced website analysis to ensure that your site is fully optimised and effectively contributing to your ongoing success.

  • Setting up Google Analytics, reporting and dashboards - following industry best practices
  • Defining your website’s key performance indicators (KPI’s) – user tracking, attribute modelling, monitoring website conversions (e-commerce, site actions, etc), goals, calls-to-actions and internal site search usage
  • Designing the best analytics solution to achieve your business objectives
  • Customising the Google Code for advanced analytical data and reporting. This includes cross-domain implementation, advanced attribute modelling, integrating data with your CRM system and other custom installation options.
  • Campaign tracking variables for measurement of campaign effectiveness
  • Designing funnels and calls to action to lead visitors from landing page to conversion goal
  • Interpreting reports for informed decisions on business
  • Measuring and optimising online marketing
  • Landing page optimisation for design & content
  • Visitor behaviour and trends analysis
  • Competitive data analysis
  • Visitor profiling
  • Google Analytics A/B testing.

For more information about how our Advanced Website Analytics, Analysis and Reporting Service can be used to optimise your website, call us on 01787 319393.

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