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Social Media Platform Setup Services

It’s no longer possible to simply ignore social media as a passing phase or fad; it is truly here to stay and provides a significant opportunity to engage with your existing and potential members, supporters or customers.

Above all, social media helps to generate brand awareness and resonance, and should be considered as important as any other form of marketing - online or offline.

An good social media campaign can be every bit as effective and cost a fraction of the price of a traditional media advertising campaign.

We can provide your organisation with a fully designed and styled profile page for almost any social media platform, using professional imagery and “on brand” styling to maximise brand recall.

We can also integrate social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google+ and Flickr, with your website and network them together to provide consistency and ease-of-use for you and your visitors. Various sharing options can also be made available to deliver your content to as many platforms as is required, with just one single click of your website visitor’s mouse.

Need help with setting up your organisation's social media presence? Call us on 01787 319393 to get your social media strategy up and running, and enable your organisation to expand its network and reach.

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