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Email Campaign Management Services

Email marketing and sustained campaigns can all be used to stimulate demand, increase traffic to your website and drive membership and support for your organisation. There are many useful techniques that can be deployed to maximise the effectiveness of any bulk email campaign.

Your message will pass through a maze of different email clients and spam filters before reaching your subscriber. As a result, you need the reassurance of knowing that your emails have reached your audience intact and, ultimately, present your organisation in the way you expect. What’s more, without the necessary technical expertise, how can you ensure that your email investment will deliver a good return?

Your email open rates and click-through rates depend on bullet-proof templates and email client testing. 

Our Digital Services Team can help you to meet all of your bulk email, e-newsletter and e-bulletin campaign requirements, goals and objectives, and create highly effective and engaging email campaigns.

We can help you with...

  • Expert email template design and email client testing
  • Sourcing of high quality and appropriately sourced images
  • Email list and subscriber management
  • Registration forms for automated list management
  • Spam filter testing and email client previews
  • Advanced web-based analytics and reporting
  • Integration with Google Analytics to see the direct affect your campaign has
  • A/B split testing - testing two versions of an email campaign, to a small sample of subscribers, to identify the most successful for wider distribution.
  • Reporting of agreed KPI's and actionable advice.

Want to find out how we can improve your e-newsletters? Call us today on 01787 319393 to see how we can drive the success of your email campaigns.

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